Angeln Cattle

The Angeln is a breed of cattle originally from Angeln in Schleswig-Holstein one of the 16 states of Germany. Anglen is a dairy cow that is well known for the high milkfat level of it’s milk.

What Is The History Of Angeln Cattle Breed?

The Angeln cattle may have existed for over 5000 years, they were first mentioned in writings in about 1600.

The planned breeding of the breed has been practiced since 1830. They are used widely for crossing with Red Steppe, Byelorussian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian stock.

In the USSR the breed is found in a pure form only on individual farms in the Ukrainian SSR and Udmurt ASSR.

What Are The Characteristics Of Angeln Cattle?

  • The Angeln cattle breed is also famous for its very high daily net gain, its prematurity and easy calving.
  • The excellent feet and leg with black claws and the small calf losses.
  • The Angeln is producing milk of high butterfat content.
  • Angeln cows produce an average of 7500 kg of 4.81% fat milk and 3.8 % protein.
  • The fully grown Angeln cows should reach about 140 – 145 cm height.

What is the weight of Angeln Cattle?

Angeln Cows typically weigh 600 kilograms and Angeln bulls weigh 900 kilograms.

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