Australian Braford Cattle

What Is The History Of Australian Braford Cattle Breed?

Australian Braford cattle are raised mainly for meat production.

In 1946, the Australian cattle industry was reeling from losses because of cattle tick infestation. The cattle tick (Rhipicephalus microplus) transmits many diseases and causes significant blood loss in affected animals. At the same time, eye cancer was devastating Hereford cattlemen, as animals with this common type of squamous cell carcinoma usually can't be sold for slaughter. Crossing Brahmans -- far more resistant to cattle ticks and less likely to develop eye cancer -- with Herefords led to the creation of this new cattle breed Down Under. It is now a stabilized breed with approximately 50 percent Hereford and 50 percent Brahman genetic background.

In 1962, Braford breeders formed the Australian Braford Society.

Australian Brafords are mainly found in NSW and Queensland. Semen of the breed has been exported to some countries especially to South Africa and South America. Live cattle exports have also been made in some countries, such as into Indonesia and Thailand.

What Are The Characteristics Of Australian Braford Cattle Breed?

They carry the characteristics of both parents. The Braford is red like a Hereford with white underbelly, head, and feet. It is stockier than a Hereford, though, getting the stockiness from the Brahman.

The breed has a smooth sleek coat. In cool climates their coats tend to be thicker in winter.

They are stocky, with a hump at the top of their shoulders and loose skin; all of which they get from their Brahman history.

Brafords can be either polled or horned.

They have strong, well-boned legs and sound feet enabling them to walk long distances between feed and water points. They cope well with uneven and rocky terrain.

Brafords are known for superior maternal ability. Early puberty, fertility, calving ease, optimum milk production, maternal aptitude and productive longevity have earned Brafords this distinguished reputation.

They were bred to suit the hot Australian climate, and possess all the right Brahman traits to thrive in warm weather. Their loose skin, tick resistance, oily skin and extra sweat glands make them ideal for hotter climates. However, they can still do well in colder regions too. Brafords are not susceptible to eye problems, blight, bloat or sun-caused problems like Herefords. Their eyes are excellently suited to stay healthy under the fierce Australian sun. Their hooded eyes have characteristic red patches around the eyes, which help in preventing eye cancers, pink eye and sunburn.

They are easy keeping and do well under range conditions while adapting to other systems of management.

Proper handling is required for raising these animals, because they can relatively be aggressive in nature, especially the bulls.

What is the weight of Australian Braford Cattle?

Their average live body weight of the mature Australian Braford bulls is around 1000 kg. And the mature cows on average weight around 750 kg.



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