Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle

The Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle is being developed in Australia by the Queensland Government for use in the tropical areas. 

This cattle breed is a combination of the Sahiwal, a dairy breed of Bos indicus from Pakistan and Holstein (Bos taurus) breeds, designed for the tropical regions of Australia. 

The Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle is a crossbreed between a Bos indicus and a Holstein Friesian, this cross-bred was then crossed again with a Sahiwal bull which produced what we now call an Australian Friesian Sahiwal.

What Is The History Of Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle?

The Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle is an Australian breed that was developed by the Queensland Government in Australia over a 35 year the period from 1960 to 1995. 

It was a hugely successful breeding program since the Friesian Sahiwal yields 80% more milk than other Friesians and the conception rate is high too.

The breeding ratio of 50/50 is what delivered this breed and throughout the years this number has been maintained.

Since this is a third-generation breeding program, the Australian Friesian Sahiwal is now listed as a purebred. They appear to be the only breeders left, although there may be more.

What Are The Characteristics Of Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle?

  • The Australian Friesian Sahiwal Cattle have tick resistance and heat tolerance with reliable milk production and fertility. 
  • They have easy calving and are long-lived and productive to at least 20. 
  • This cattle have red color through to brown, usually darker in males. Little to no white markings. Good docile temperament. 
  • The average milk yield of the cattle is 3,000 liters for mature cows. Milk quality is good - protein level is 3.4 percent and butterfat is approximately four percent. 
  • As a breed worldwide it has been much hyped as the answer to the tropical dairying challenge of developing a high-performance dairy cow for a harsh environment. 


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