Acipayam Sheep

What is the history of Acipayam Sheep?

The Acıpayam is a breed of domesticated sheep that originated in Turkey.

They are a dual-purpose breed (wool and meat). They are a mix of Awassi, Ost Fries and Daglic breeds. The Acipayam was developed in the 1990s in Denizli, a city in the Aegean region of Turkey, in an effort to improve production traits of local breeds.

The Awassi and Daglic were chosen for their ability to withstand local conditions, and the Ost Fries for its milk yield. The genetic contribution from each of these breeds was 50% Awassi, 25% Ost Fries and 25% Daglic.

What are the characteristics of Acipayam Sheep?

Both have white, coarse wool, brown and black spots can be found on the head.
Lactation period: 150 days.
Milk yield is 180 to 200 liters in a lactation.
The fertility is around 130-140% average.
Lambs have an average growth rate of 83.77g/day.

However, there is wide variation in production traits between individual sheep. They produce 34.7 micron wool and cut 2.5 to 3 Kg. of greasy fleece on average. Their fleece is best suited to carpet making.

What is the weight of mature Acipayam Sheep?

Acipayam Ram: 90 - 120 kg and  Acipayam Ewe: 60 - 70 kg


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