Balkhi Sheep

What is the history of Balkhi Sheep?

The Balkhi is a domesticated breed of sheep found in Afghanistan and North-western Pakistan. This breed is of the fat-tailed mutton type. Though this breed does grow wool, it is primarily raised for meat.

What are the characteristics of Balkhi Sheep?

  • The Balkhi displays black, tan or grey. Both sexes are horned.
  • They yield approximately 2 kg (4.4 lb) of coarse wool with an average 43.5 micrometre diameter.
  • This breed has a low fiber density.
  • The ears are somewhat long, the body is muscular and compact.
  • The tail is fat and tucked.
  • Balkhi Sheep lactate for about 105 days and produce 60 kg of milk on average during this period.
  • Height male about 85 - 90 cm, female around 70 - 74 cm.

What is the weight of mature Balkhi Sheep?

An average mature Balkhi  rams weigh 70 kg and Balkhi ewes 70 kg.  At birth, rams weigh 5.2 kg and ewes weigh 3.8 kg.

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