Coburger Fuchs Schaf (Coburg Fox Sheep)

What is the history of Coburger Fuchs Schaf ?

The Coburger Fuchs Schaf, known as the Coburg Fox sheep, are native to Germany. These red fox-colored sheep could be found under names that indicated their color or living area, such as Golden Fox, Eisfelder Fox Sheep, Eifeler Sheep, Ardenais Solognotes, Rousse Tetes.

In the beginning of the 20th century, 60% of the sheep in the German Coburg area were of this landrace with the red fox-colored heads, but by World War II they were nearly extinct.

In the 1980’s there were only two registered breeders remaining. Conservation efforts ensured and by 1993, there were only 1,200 breeding ewes left and just 50 breeding rams. Now breeders from all over Germany have added the Fuchsschaf to their breeding stock.

The Coburger Fuchsschaf flocks are employed for landscape preservation.

What are the characteristics of Coburger Fuchs Schaf (Coburg Fox sheep)?

  • The Coburger Fuchs schaf is frugal, hardy, and prolific.
  • Longevity and non- fussiness of food make it a perfect choice for keeping on rough hilly ranges.
  • It is possible to breed them three times in two years.
  • Both sexes are polled, head and legs are either both golden or both red-brown and free of wool, its ears are broad and long.
  • The small noble head has a slight Roman nose profile.
  • The specialty of the Coburger Fuchs Schaf is its long wool.
  • Coburger Fuchs Lambs are born with a dark red-brown fleece that lightens at age 6- 12 months.
  • The resulting Golden fleece (white with a red-brown or golden tint) contains more or less dark kimpy hair, which impart an appealing color play in the yarn and finished product.
  • Coburger Fuchs Rams produce 4-5 kg of wool, ewes grow 3-4 kg of wool a year.
  • Nowadays breeders have discovered the importance of this old, robust landrace and the Coburg Fuchs will hopefully coexist next to the meat breeds.
  • Although the number of Coburger Fuchs sheep has increased considerably in the past years, it is still on the list of endangered sheep breeds.
  • Coburger Fuchs Lambs and grown sheep are sold mostly through direct marketing for its delicious, tender, and low-fat, meat with a venison taste.

    What is the weight of mature Coburger Fuchs Schaf (Coburg Fox sheep)?

    Coburger Fuchs Schaf (Coburg Fox sheep) Rams weigh on average between 80 to 100 kg, while ewes can weigh up to 75 kg.

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