Danish Landrace Sheep

What is the history of the Danish Landrace Sheep?

The Danish Landrace breed is today called Klitfår, but in the past it was called the "Danish Black Sheep". The breed with a population of about 370 in 2000.

Denmark's conservation efforts have now stabilized the breed, with an estimated stock of about 1,100 animals and 30 registered male breeders in 28 herds (2004 number). The breed is still highly endangered.

Denmark's land sheep come from former land-breed sheep in Denmark, which were crossed with Leicester and Oxford Down in the 19th century.

What are the characteristics of the Danish Landrace Sheep?

  • They are a very hardy species and are thought to survive only as they perform well in the harsh climate and nutrient-poor soils of the dune thickets of western Jutland.
  • No other breed of sheep can compete with them in this particular habitat, but they require large areas to roam and are quite wild in nature.
  • Danish Landrace Sheep is medium sized, leggy and long body.
  • They are mostly white in color (90%), a small proportion (10%) are brown.
  • The body is white with brown spots on the face and tail.
  • About 10% of males are horned, otherwise long tails in both sexes are hornless.
  • The face and legs are more or less covered with wool.
  • Sheep breed double coated wool type with an average fiber diameter of 33.6 microns.
  • Fatty fleece weight is around 3.5 kg.
  • Wool is used for blankets and carpets, and hides for nappa leathers.
  • Adult wilting height is 70 cm, 65 cm in males.
  • Average litter size is 1.5 lambs at birth and 1.33 lambs weaned.
  • The average carcass weight of lambs when slaughtered at 5-6 months is 20 kg.

    How much do mature Danish Landrace Sheeps weigh?

    Danish Landrace rams weigh between 80 kg and a mature sheep 60 kg.

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