Istrian Pramenka Sheep

What is the history of Istrian Pramenka Sheep?

Istrian pramenka is the Slovenian autochthonous breed of sheep. It is used for milk production and lamb (dairy breed). The breed was developed in the area of the Karst and Istria, where shepherds kept the local, indigenous sheep, which they named istrijanka, Karst ewe, coastal sheep and even the coastal sheep of raw wool.

In 2009, Slovenia had 1150 animals of Istrian pramenka, among which 813 were ewes and 36 breeding rams. From the historical sources it has been found that in the Karst area sheep breeding was very well developed.

Sheep farmers thus obtained meat and milk, and produced different milk and meat products.

During the summer, sheep grazed around Snežnik, in autumn around Vremščica and in Istria and Friuli during the winter.

What are the characteristics of Istrian Pramenka Sheep?

  • Istrian pramenka breed is suitable for the prevention of overgrowing of the agriculture land.
  • Long term, it is necessary to maintain and increase the stock, as it is also suitable for extensive farming.
  • Istrian pramenka sheep has a large frame as a result of a long, high-plated body and long, powerful legs. They have strong solid legs and also a solid fetlock.
  • The animals are medium-muscled.
  • A narrow head with a bridge nose and ear projections is manted on a long neck.
  • Ewes are generally without while rams have well-developed curved horns.
  • Wool color of sheep is mostly white with dark spots on the head and trunk.
  • In some animals dark colors do- minate.
  • Less wool is characteristic for Istrian pramenka at legs and abdomen which are mostly bare.
  • Others parts are covered by a coarse hair cover.
  • Udder is in a regular shape, attached high, with large and beautiful teats.
  • Udder is wide, well attached, uniform, suitable for machine and hand milking.
  • Young female sheep were used for breeding in the second year, while rams mated already in the first season.
  • Litter size is 1.21 live born lambs and the sheep give 140 kg of milk in their lactation period.
  • The milk contains 7.3 % milk fat and 5.7 % protein.

What is the weight of mature Istrian Pramenka Sheep?

Istrian Pramenka Rams body weight is around 95 kilograms, Istrian Pramenka female body weight is between 60 and 75 kilograms.

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