Marwari sheep

What is the history of Marwari Sheep?

The Marwari is an Indian breed of domestic sheep. The name originates from the home tract of the breed: Marwad. The breed resembles black-headed Persian sheep but is smaller in size and has good fleece.

What are the characteristics of Marwari Sheep?

  • Marwari Sheep medium-sized animals.
  • Black face, the colour extending to the lower part of neck.
  • Ears extremely small and tubular.
  • Both sexes are polled.
  • Tail is short to medium and thin.
  • Fleece is white and not very dense.
  • The Marwari is raised for its wool.
  • The wool quality parameters indicated that the wool is of a good carpet quality with average diameter around 36μ.

What is the weight of mature Marwari Sheep?

Marwari ram is in the range of 30 - 35 kg and a mature ewe 25 - 30 kg.

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