Masham Sheep

What is the history of Masham Sheep?

Masham is a domesticated sheep breed that originated in northern England. Tongs have been grown in the hills of Northern England for more than a century.
It is a progeny of Teeswater ram from a Dalebred Sheep, both known for their endurance and quality.

The Breed association was founded in 1986 by breeders dedicated to producing high quality MASHAMS from a reputed hybrid for sale to buyers from both local counties and farther afield.

What are the characteristics of Masham Sheep?

  • Masham Ewe is medium sized and polled.
  • Ewe has a good reputation for its strong maternal instincts, longevity, heavy milking qualities and the ability to perform well in a wide variety of management systems.
  • Masham sheep, especially as a pig, are bred to produce quality lambs, whose long-staple fleece is an added bonus.
  • When crossed with a Down or Continental ram, an ideal commercial lamb is produced with quality lean carcasses.
  • Gimmer Lambs are suitable for breeding in their early years, are often clipped in southern England, which increases the birth weight of the lamb and allows easier observation down to lamb and lamb
  • Average Birth Weight of Lambs; singles 6 kg, twins 4.5 kg.
  • Wool with high brightness makes 3 - 4.5 kg of clipping.
  • In the hill herds where Masham is produced, cold lambs produce low-fat, quality carcass.
  • They are very economical feeders and provide a rapid weight gain even in more marginal soils.

What is the weight of a mature Masham Sheep?

Masham Sheep adult body weight averages around 75kg.

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