Mini Oberhasli Goat

What Is The History Of Mini Oberhasli Goat Breed?

The Mini Oberhasli goat is a miniature dairy goat breed. It is also called by some other names such as Miniature Oberhasli goat or Oberian. This mini dairy goat breed was created by breeding a Nigerian Dwarf with Oberhasli goat.

The Mini Oberhasli is still an experimental breed but is registered with The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR) and the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA). Mini Oberhasli Goats are considered purebred after six generations of breeding Mini-Oberhasli to Mini-Oberhasli. The first generation is called F-1, the second is called F-2, and so on until F-6 where the F designation is removed and the offspring are considered purebred. The final purebred Mini Oberhasli should still be approximately 50% Nigerian and 50% Oberhasli.

What Are The Characteristics Of Mini Oberhasli Goat Breed?

Generally, the Mini Oberhasli are red in color with black markings, though they can be found in pure black. There have been reports of pure red colored variations, though they are extremely rare. Small amounts of white are permitted in specimens considered purebred.

Mini Oberhasli goat is the smaller version of the standard Oberhasli goat. At this time, one trait that came exclusively from their Nigerian ancestors is still allowed: blue eyes. The minimum height for the bucks is 23 inches(58 cm) and 21 inches(53 cm) for the does. And maximum height for purebred Mini Oberhasli bucks is 30 inches(76 cm) and 28 inches(71 cm) for does.

Goats are inherently curious, active, intelligent, and social. They are known to have the ability to overcome enclosures by unraveling the gate, climbing over the mesh, or pushing and ramming the fence down. Goats have good coordination and balance and can manage to climb low trees, ledges, and overhangs. Their curiosity leads them to constantly investigate items with their mouths; most items get chewed and swallowed. With a little patience, goats can be taught to carry or pull loads, respond to calls, and lead a herd. As social animals, they easily get along with other farm animals. Mini Oberhasli goats are also popular as pets because of their very friendly and docile temperament. They are also hardy and excellent for weed and brush control.

Mini Oberhasli goat is mainly used for milk production. It is among the best miniature dairy goat breeds. The Oberhasli goat is an excellent dairy goat from Switzerland, and the Nigerian Dwarf is also a good dairy goat breed. Cross between these two goat breeds has made this excellent dairy goat. And compared to the size, Mini Oberhasli goats are excellent milk producers. On average they can produce about 3 kg of milk daily. So the Mini Oberhasli goat is considered by some people to be the best and ideal urban dairy goat. Because the breed is smaller in size than the standard dairy goats and produces more milk than the Nigerian Dwarfs.

Does make excellent mothers and they usually have one kid in their first pregnancy, but older does can produce from one to four kids per kidding.


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