Montadale Sheep

What is the history of Montadale Bay?

Most of the credit for Montadale's development goes to EH Mattingly, a well-known commercial lamb buyer obsessed with the idea of breeding the ideal sheep.

Early in his youth, Mattingly was told that if he could combine the attributes of great western white-faced sheep and the popular mutton characteristics of midwestern sheep, he would go on his way.

It was some time before Mattingly started his project, but in 1932 he went to Kalispell, Montana, where he bought the first Columbia coach to go east of the Mississippi River.

This ram was crossed in purebred Cheviot sheep and the resulting lamb crop provided sufficient evidence that his mission was on target.

In 1945 the Montadale Sheep Breeders Association was established.

What are the characteristics of Montadale Sheep?

  • Montadale is a medium to large breed of sheep.
  • Both sexes are surveyed.
  • Montadale Sheeps have white wool on their bodies and black hooves and noses.
  • There is little or no wool on their heads and legs.
  • Sheep have the ability to bite the grass closer to the ground, much closer than cattle can. This gives them access to a food source that other animals cannot use.
  • Montadale Ewes are typically bred to give birth once a year.
  • Lambing takes place in late winter and spring.
  • The gestation period is 5 months.
  • While single and twin births are most common, triplets are not unusual.

What is the weight of mature Montadale Sheep?

Mature Montadale sheep weigh 65-85 kg and rams 100-125 kg.

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