Pinzirita Sheep

What is the history of Pinzirita Sheep?

Pinzirita or Pinzunita is a breed of sheep native to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy.

Its name derives from pinzuni, the Sicilian name for chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs, and is thought to be similar in coloration. It is also known as the Sicilian commune or "common Sicilian sheep".

It is scattered throughout most of Sicily, with the exception of the southern coast, where Comisana is preferred, and the hills of Agrigento, Caltanissetta provinces, and the southern part of the province of Palermo, where Barbaresca is dominant. Like Leccese and Altamurana, Zackel belongs to the sheep group.

What are the characteristics of Pinzirita Sheep?

It is a hardy and thrifty species bred for milk, meat and fiber, well adapted to survive in the poor mountain pastures and the biome of macchia mediterranea in the interior of Sicily.

Wool color is usually white, face white, mostly with black spots or patches, rams with horns and sheep neck.

The milk yield of Pinzirita is an average of 80 ± 25 liters per 100 days for ewes with first offspring and approximately 130 ± 30 l per 180 days for multiple sheep. Milk contains 6.4% fat and 5.0% protein.

Pinzirita lambs are usually slaughtered without meat and bones; They weigh 7-8 kg in 30 days.

Pinzirita Ramhead gives about 2.5 kg of wool, sheep about 1.6 kg; Ordinary quality, suitable for wool, rugs and mattresses.

What is the weight of mature Pinzirita Sheep?

Pinzirita ram weighs between 70 - 75 kg and a mature sheep weighs between 40 - 45 kg.

Photos: Salvatore Bordnado - Italy, Giovani Cirasa - Italy

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