Rideau Arcott Sheep

What is the history of Rideau Arcott Sheep?

Rideau Arcott Sheep established at the Animal Research Centre in Ottawa and delivered by hysterectomy, in 1980. The goal when creating the Rideau Arcott was to create a breed of sheep that produced multiple offspring rapidly.

The breed is mainly composed of East Friesian, Finnish Landrace and Suffolk strains. One of only a few livestock breeds developed in Canada, the Rideau is a synthesis of many different breeds.

The breed is genetically 40% Finnish Landrace, 20% Suffolk, 14% East Friesian, 9% Shropshire and 8% Dorset Horn; the remaining 9% is Border Leicester, North Country Cheviot, Romnelet and Corriedale.

The Rideau is selected for multiple births they typically produce twins or triplets, high fertility, milk production and growth rate.

What are the characteristics of Rideau Arcott Sheep?

They are tall, medium weight sheep with a clean face and legs which are usually white, bronze or mottled. The wool is of medium quality, and the carcass quality is better than average.

Rideau Arcott breed is naturally very fertile, reaching sexual maturity before 7 months of age.

Rideau genetics are ideal for inclusion in crossbred ewes because of their strong maternal traits. They have been crossed successfully with most popular breeds.

They are capable of yielding between 100 and 200 litres in a lactation. Rideau Arcott ewes have a lambing rate of 180 percent and  produce 40 percent twins and 50 percent triplets.

What is the weight of mature Rideau Arcott Sheep?

Rideau Arcott ram is in the range of 100–120 kg and a mature Rideau Arcott ewe 80 –90 kg.

Picture: Hazel Hill Farm - Canada 

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