Sarda Sheep

What is the history of Sarda Sheep?

The Sarda is a breed of domestic sheep indigenous to the island of Sardinia. It is raised throughout Italy, and in other Mediterranean countries, particularly Tunisia.

The Sarda is the breed of sheep indigenous to the island, with very ancient origins. Descendent of the wild Mouflon of Gennargentu, still widely present, this breed has adapted perfectly through the course of its evolution to the rough central and remote territory of the island, characterized by a hilly and mountainous morphology.

The Sarda’s natural habitat is mainly the Mediterranean macchia typical of the island, with vast pastures covered by shrubs and wild herbs.

For over 4,000 years, these sheep have been bred for their milk (most of the milk is used to make pecorino sardo cheese), meat and wool.

The importance of the Sarda sheep’s production specifically in milk was only truly recognized and valued at the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, the Sarda sheep represents 52% of the national ovine population and 95% of the regional one.

What are the characteristics of Sarda Sheep?

Sarda sheep are medium-sized breed with white wool and white face. Their wool is long, coarse and used for weaving carpets and other goods.

The Sarda rams are occasionally horned and the Sarda ewes are polled.

The Sarda is highly adaptable; it may be kept on lowland or on mountainous terrains, and is suitable both for intensive and for extensive or transhumant management.

The long, coarse white wool is used for weaving carpets and other goods.

During the milking season, Pecora Sarda’s production volume, although finicky at times, can range from 16 gallons per 100 days to 48 gallons per 180 days.

What is the weight of mature Sarda Sheep?

Sarda ram is in the range of 55–60 kg and a mature Sarda ewe 35 - 45 kg.

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