Tauernsheck Goat

What Is The History Of Tauernsheck Goat Breed?

The Tauernsheck is a very uniquely marked breed and one of the world’s rarest breeds. The Tauernsheck goat is a dairy goat breed. The breed is from Austria and derived from the Austrian Landrace and Pinzgauer goat breeds. It is believed that this crossbreeding began in the late 1800s, though it wasn’t until the year 1967 that the first herdbook was created.

The breed was mostly bred in the valley of Rauris, and in the area around the Grossglockner. The Austrian Government found 20 breeders with around 200 animals in 1994, and since then the number of this breed has increased.

What Are The Characteristics Of Tauernsheck Goat Breed?

The goat was bred in black and brown, like the Swiss Oberhasli. Generally, the Tauernsheck breed has white coloration on their faces, with at least two or more white spots on their sides. These markings should not break the line on the back to be considered a pure form. The legs should be brown and black. Some variations are found with white markings/spots on their legs. At least the animals should be bi-color (black and white).

The Tauernsheck was bred in these colors to make it easier to find. Normally every Austrian goat spends the summertime in the Alps. High up in the mountains they stay in their herd and enjoy the grass, the good fresh air, and the peace. In the fall they are herded back to the farmhouses. Goats sometimes try to hide but with triple colors, the Tauernsheck was and still is easy to find up in the Alps. In the summer and fall, they are easy to identify by their white spots and in late fall or winter through the black or brown color.

The Tauernsheck goat is a medium to large-sized breed. Does are usually 70-77 cm in height. Bucks stand 75 to 90 cm tall at the shoulder. A horned breed, with horns growing and pointing upright. The Tauernsheck goats are very strong, active, and healthy animals. The adult bucks are known for their fighting. Tauernsheck goats also live long, productive lives, and they are well adapted to all climates.

The Tauernsheck does kid once a year with either a single or more usually twins. Does are also have excellent maternal skills and produce an abundance of milk for their young. This milk is of excellent quality, which is why the breed is raised for dairy production.

What Is The Weight Of Tauernsheck Goat?

At full maturity, a Tauernsheck buck can weigh from 60 to a maximum of 80 kgs, with females varying in weight from 50 to 70 kgs.


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